Have you ever wondered how you could be a blessing to someone in our congregation after a birth or other major life event? Why not lighten their burden by providing a meal? Faith members have informally responded to this call to minister countless times throughout the years and now there is an online tool and a coordinator to make it easier to organize meals for a recipient. The website MealTrain.com allows those volunteering to make a meal, access to a shared online calendar which shows available dates, address, dietary restrictions, best time to drop a meal off, and other useful information.

Forms will be made available to register a recipient for meals as well as a sign-up for those wishing to bless others with a meal. When a recipient is registered, our meal ministry coordinator, Rianon Jaeger, will enter the information on MealTrain.com and send invitations out through e-mail or Facebook to those who have signed up to participate. The invitation will contain a link to access the Meal Train site and the user can then choose an available date to enter their meal information and view what others have brought or plan to bring.

For more information or to get involved, please email our Meal Train Ministry coordinator Rianon Jaeger at rianonjaeger@gmail.com.