A High School Bible Study for the 2015/16 school year called Law & Gospel and Pixar will take place the third Sunday of each month starting on August 16th. The studies, which will take place from 6:15-8:30pm, seek to connect the big themes of the Pixar movies with the realities of everyday life while looking at them through the lens of the biblical teachings of Law & Gospel.

Beginning with Toy Story in 1995, Pixar Animation Studios has taken American cinema by storm, setting a new standard of excellence in animated filmmaking and earning a fortune in the process. Their movies are both highly entertaining and surprisingly wise, displaying an all-too-rare gift for telling stories which speak about the reality of life and the complexities of the human heart - and making us laugh while doing so. As we will see these films are far more than just children’s entertainment; they are really the closest thing we have to modern-day folk tale. And like many great folk tales Pixar uses monsters, fish, toys, and other fantastical characters to touch on some serious life topics.

Law & Gospel and Pixar looks at how each Pixar film portrays the basic concerns of everyday life and seeks to connect them with a Christian understanding of the world. It touches on themes such as love, identity, fear, freedom, guilt, purpose, and belonging - to name just a few. These common concerns allow for easy avenues of dialogue between the films and Christianity.

At each gathering of Law & Gospel and Pixar we will watch one of the Pixar movies, listen to a short lecture on some of the central themes brought to light(life) in the movie and then participate in a Bible study that connects Law & Gospel with the concepts developed in the movies. Bring a friend and come join in the fun. Yes, there will be food each week. Talk to Pastor Parsons if you have any questions.