easter sunday

On this most holy of days, we celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord. Connected by grace, through faith, to our risen Lord, we rejoice in the victory of the resurrection and in full confidence of our own resurrection from the dead.

sermon lesson: Exodus 15:1-11

The song of Moses and the Israelites foreshadows our song of joy on this day. The evil foe sought to pull us back into the slavery of sin. Yet the hand of the Lord has saved his people. Just as he rescued the Israelites through the waters of the Red Seas, so he has rescued us from sin and death through water and the Word. He has connected to the sacrificial death and victorious resurrection of his one and only Son through the waters of baptism.














Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow!

Artwork: Ian M. Welch. © 2014. All rights reserved. (paramentics.com)